Gourmet Coffee Mug Cooking

I’ve been seeing a recent flood of recipes for coffee mug microwave cooking. Since we don’t have an oven and the weather is miserable, this is perfect. We tried out the chocolate salted caramel mug cake, using Rolos and a little sea salt. In true “wandering academic” fashion, these are our only two coffee mugs, both freebies from the University of Bielefeld math department. None of the apartments we’ve lived in has come with coffee mugs, so they’ve more than earned their keep. Especially now that they can make cake happen.

Ready to be nuked.

Ready to be nuked.

I split one serving between the two mugs. It’s not a lot per person, but the cake started to pop out of the mug at the end of the microwave cycle. Larger mugs will be needed for further investigation. Perhaps that’s how we’ll know we’ve made it in life – being able to afford the right size of cup to hold our microwaved treats.

And ice cream, for good measure.

And ice cream, for good measure.

9 responses to “Gourmet Coffee Mug Cooking

  1. Oooh, that looks so, so, so gooood! Shame I have no microwave (or maybe that’s a good thing? Being able to make cake in 2 minutes would do nothing for my attempts at healthy eating!)

    • Re: these recipes, some people have pointed out it could actually be healthier, since you’re making just a “you”-sized portion and aren’t left with a whole pan of brownies to snarf down later. Perhaps the logic is a little convoluted, but it’s worth thinking about…or using as an excuse when you make one of these every night…

    • Not as good as “the real thing,” but still surprisingly tasty. I’ve read less-than-stellar reviews from others. It may depend a lot on your microwave.

  2. I loooove cake, yet I have never heard of such a thing as a “microwave mug cake” – I guess I am pretty behind the times. This recipe sounds like a good reason to invest in bigger “cooking mugs”.
    But the question I ask myself is: How can someone rent out a place with no oven??

    • By not mentioning that there is no oven (in the “fully-furnished apartment”) until after the desperate, wandering academics have committed to live there. And then they move in and it’s not there. It’s a great scheme!

  3. Maybe you can place a paper towel over it and get a rubber band to keep it in place. Saves you having to worry about chocolate spots in the microwave. And I think cake mixture (didn’t know what else to call it) probably would’ve heated up much quicker being of a lesser quantity, thus why it went all kablooey in your cup. 😉

    • I may try something like that with Round 2 today. Good point about the smaller amount of cake mix heating up faster. At least when it starts to pop out of the cup, it’s already in solid form – which is fun, since it looks like it’s levitating. Culinary sorcery ftw!

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