Junk Food From Neighboring Countries

Germans have pastries and bread down to a science. Here are two other delicious things that have become a sad part of my daily life – even though they’re not from Germany.


On our recent trip to Belgium, we stopped off at the one grocery store just to find this stuff. This is very easy to find in cookie form (Spekulatius) in Germany, especially around Christmas. It is less easy to find in delicious, sinful, spreadable form. Whether cookie or spread, it tastes exactly like those airplane cookies. And there’s a good reason.

Speculoos, the most exciting part of our trip to Spa

Speculoos, the most exciting part of our trip to Spa


This came our way courtesy of a visiting American friend, also living in Germany. These are Dutch and are apparently not too hard to find in the States, but we didn’t know about their existence. Now that we do, I dread what’s going to happen when we move back, find them, and have a car that both can easily take us to buy more and negates the need to walk anywhere, ever. Time for Stroopwafel-sized jeans. Anyway, this is two (yes, TWO) super-thin cookies glued together with honey. They are best enjoyed with tea, a latte or another hot drink, since you can set the cookie on top of your cup and let it soften and melt, getting honey all over your hands and face and drink and making you feel a little bit slovenly and a lot like Winnie the Pooh, but also you don’t care because you’re in heaven. There is a group for stroopwafel addicts. I didn’t start it but – it’s there. If you need it. Or whatever.


4 responses to “Junk Food From Neighboring Countries

  1. Speculoos is a real foodie treat in the US (and hard to get apparently). I make a point of using them as packing material to send to friends and family so they can lord it over everyone. Personally, I’m insulted that the US didn’t come up with a cookie that’s also a spread first… but that doesn’t stop me from eating it.

    • That totally seems like a U.S thing to do, now that you mention it. Maybe we can corner the market on the breakfast cereal version. Or something that can be injected directly into one’s veins.

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