I was just looking over the search terms that have brought people to this blog over the past year, and “hausfrau-ery” is by far my favorite. I’d like to see if we can start a campaign to add it to the dictionary. I would guess it’s either n. a series of silly little actions carried out by Hausfraus or n. a place where German wives are manufactured, using hops and efficiency.

I’m not exactly a marketing genius. By being cutesy and naming this blog “Wie Sagt Man…?” (“How do you say…?”), I unintentionally made it pretty hard for our American friends and family to remember what it was called. However, I also unintentionally started collecting readers, or at least one time disgruntled clickers, who were searching for basic translations on Google. Here are some of my favorites over the past year:

Wie sagt man…?

  • zum geburtstag
  • international professional in deutsch
  • “easter”
  • menus oder menüs
  • 2013 auf deutsch
  • thanksgiving in german
  • man of german origin
  • einem barcelona
  • einsteiger in spanisch
  • bei thanksgiving
  • lech
  • ‘i would be more than happy’ ?
  • september auf deutsch
  • follow us
  • in deutschland like in facebook
  • picasso
  • same in deutsch
  • mustache
  • die bahn
  • hallo in deutschland
  • sagt man switch off oder turn off
  • euro eruos
  • es im fussball
  • lackieren auf englisch
  • in den ubahn
  • hausfrau in spanish
  • baking soda in deutsch?
  • “language barrier” auf deutsch
  • “bank account”
  • “in action” auf deutsch?
  • zu einem register
  • sagt man in deutschland you name it
  • “recipe” auf deutsch
  • tennis
  • home is where the heart is
  • geburtstag
  • wifi
  • “tram” au deutsch
  • zu germ in deutschland
  • quark in english
  • danke zum geburtstag
  • in deutschland
  • walken auf englisch
  • thanks for sharing
  • blocking stricken
  • ueber schwangerschaft
  • thanks for sharing
  • christmas lights auf deutsch
  • out of the box
  • uber phone sex
  • it has a painting on the ceiling in deutsch
  • restaurant auf deutsch
  • thanksgiving day parade auf deutsch
  • cranberry auf deutsch
  • “paint” auf deutsch

Due to this post, my blog was also reached a rather sad number of times by people searching for “naked german men,” “nude german men,” “german men nude,” “naked german men at doctor” and all variations thereof. I’m sure repasting them here is not going to decrease the amount of hits. If you’re here looking for a little Teutonic smut, sorry to disappoint. (Ha, just look at the search hits *that’s* going to get. What a filthy, filthy hole I’m digging. Ha, filthy hole.)

Relatedly, here is my favorite search in question form, mostly because I like to think that it was written by Charlie in It’s Always Sunny:

“why german doctors want naked”? – Don’t know why naked wanting, wish had answer.


12 responses to “Hausfrau-ery

    • Oh man, the “Z” plus the vowels means disaster. Thank goodness for bookmarks and email notifications on new posts 🙂

  1. I’m consistently amused that every time I check stats, I find at least once person has used my entire domain name as a search term.

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