Trip to Capo Caccia in Alghero, Italy

On our last full day in Alghero, we took a bus to Capo Caccia, where the tourist attraction Neptune’s Grotto is located. Because it’s not yet officially the tourist season, there was only one bus per day. If you want to see Neptune’s Grotto, you also have the option of paying a lot of money to take a boat from the Alghero harbor.

If you take the bus, however, you will be dropped off in the parking lot and start at the top….

f5991744 - Version 2

…and work your way down…






After more than 600 “goat” steps, we got to the cave entrance…


…and were debating whether or not to pay to go on the tour. To clarify, going on the tour is the only way to see the cave, and it’s 13 euros per person. Just as it got to be time to decide, the boat from the harbor showed up. About 80-100 tourists poured out and started buying their tickets. And we quickly realized that rather than being herded around to look at some rocks that look just like the rocks at the entrance, and probably be unable to hear over the number of people there, our time would be better spent admiring the view on the walk back up to the bus stop. As you can see from the photo below, two people decided to just stay on the boat and bob around for 45 minutes or so.


I did a little research after we got home, and it turns out that there is nothing of particular historical significance about the cave and only a few hundred meters of the many kilometers of tunnels is open to the public. Maybe we missed out on something truly magical on the tour, but I’m pleased with our decision.




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