Fun German things from around the Internet

I guess this is supposed to be the time for self-reflection and whatnot, since I’m leaving Germany very, very soon. However, it’s instead turning into a time of “since when do I own all of these things” and “shipping costs WHAT.” So for now, here are some things that other people wrote and did that have to do with Germany.

Too good not to share, there’s How to be German in 20 Easy Steps (Don’t forget parts II and III…).

By the same author, The 8 Stages of Learning German, which makes me feel slightly better about myself.

Via Ms. Lauren of supremo care package fame, NPR did a short bit on Ask Me Another called Sprechen Sie Deutsch? (mp3 download here). Contestants have to decide whether the given German word is real or not. Keep in mind, they’re not asking whether it’s gibberish vs. German – they’re asking whether the given enormous compound German word, composed of very real smaller German words, is legitimately used. Big hint: if it has to do with rules and regulations, it’s probably echtes Deutsch.

And via my mom, a really good article from The New York Times magazine last month about a tiny town in southern Germany that has a ridiculous amount of Michelin-ranked restaurants. It goes into the differences in culture and training to become a chef (or become anything, really) in Germany vs. the U.S.

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    • Wow. I had never seen the video for this song before, but they play it here on TV over promos for The Simpsons/Two and a Half Men/The Big Bang Theory. Thanks(?) for enlightening me…

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