Next time, Europe!

Now that I’m back in the U.S., it is easy to start thinking about places that I didn’t get a chance to travel to while we were in Europe. There’s a lot that we did, but still a lot that I wished we could have done. This feeling will probably not be improved by people saying things like, “Ohmigod, you didn’t make it to X????”*  Some things on this list look particularly silly, since they’re *right* next to Germany. Understand that Deutsche Bahn is far from the transport wonder that Americans think it is – more  on that in the next post, which will unfortunately cover my adventure-filled trip home. Also, we stayed at home a lot during this particularly cold and wet winter, having learned during the last cold and wet winter that tromping around and exploring new cities in pneumonia inducing conditions does not lead to happy travelers.

Croatia: It was down to between Croatia and Italy for our beach trip, and in the end, the convenience of the Italian tickets won out. But, due in part to this guy and in part to their beautiful beaches and what I’ve heard from others, Croatia is definitely on that “next time” list. (Also, remember this particular doctor? Yes. Yes you do.)

Greece: This was another contender for the beach trip, but the tickets ended up being a lot more than other options. And/or maybe some of the German cynicism about Greece rubbed off on me? Hard to say, but things like this don’t really help their PR.

Sweden: We did go to Aarhus in Denmark, which was already sickening in how gorgeous and nice everyone was. With that in mind, would Sweden be overload on gorgeous Scandinavian people? To someone whose main hobbies include staying inside, watching Reno 911 and eating stroopwafflen – yes.

Copenhagen, Denmark: To get to Copenhagen from Germany, you can take a train-ferry. A ferry for the train. Enough said.

Switzerland: we flew over the Alps on our way to Italy. They were okay-looking, I guess. I also just reread Heidi because I was curious about what attracted me to it as a kid. What I got out of it is that dirty German city life is bad for the body and soul, and the Swiss hills are where you go to get cured (and, spoiler alert, learn to walk again). Not a bad deal, Switzerland.

Austria: To be clear, we lived in the northwestern area of Germany. It’s really none too close to the Austrian border. But still – oops.

Prague: Yes, I know. We have to go. We *have* to. Next time.

Poland: Matt had a less-than-thrilling experience at a math conference in Poland (is that too redundant to say?), but there are other towns (Warsaw, Kracow, etc.) that would have been nice to see.

Iceland (?) – well, I flew through Iceland on the way back to Boston. It wasn’t really on my list, but it had a cool landscape from what I could see as we landed. And I’m easily swayed by those travel magazines they give you in the back of the seats.

*X in this case will almost always be Prague.


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