Be Lazy Blogger; Reap Rewards; Repeat

Does someone who has not written a blog post in over a month deserve an award for blogging? Not hardly. But it seems that I have a few saved up that I need to mention. Since writing about them now is slightly easier than dissecting the stresses, excitement, fears and general repercussions of major life changes, including moving countries and states, here we go:

Longer ago than I would like to admit, Kathatravelling graced me with The Liebster Award. She keeps a lovely blog on her travels and her hobbies – including knitting, hooray! – and you should check out some of her  posts.


Kristin of Expatially Mexico also honored me with a mention regarding the Super Sweet Blogger Award and the WordPress Family Award. And it’s here that I will take a page from her book and give a general shout-out to some of my favorite, deserving bloggers. This doesn’t follow the “rules” of either of these awards, since I’m not going to list a bunch of facts about myself. I’m not good at it – if I were, this post would have been written a very long time ago and I would not only now be sharing this information, red-faced with blogging shame.

Here are some of my favorite travel/culture bloggers, both in Germany and beyond, whose posts I love to read whenever I have a chance these days:

Doin’ Time on the Donau

Ginger & Olives

Girl in Florence

Le cul entre les deux chaise

Sherbert and Sparkles

6 responses to “Be Lazy Blogger; Reap Rewards; Repeat

  1. Thanks! That makes me feel less guilty 🙂 They are certainly nice to get, but a well thought-out response does take a while.

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